Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Holiday Ideas from Watkins....

Traditional Cider Brew

Article No. 05939

The tradition of hot spiced apple cider has become one of our most beloved here at Watkins, where it tempers the chill of a Minnesota winter. Our blend of whole spices is perfect for cider or mulled wine, and adds a delightful holiday ambience as simmering potpourri. Comes in a glass bottle.

Special Edition Collector's Nutmeg

Article No. 05206

Few spices capture the essence of the holidays like nutmeg. Its intoxicating aroma enhances traditions like eggnog, custard, hot drinks and spice cookies.This collector's package contains our premium-grade nutmeg with artwork based on our 1920s Nutmeg tin, complete with its original color scheme. Get it while it lasts.

Apple Spice Bread Mix

Article No. 05623

This quick bread mix is flavored with a blend of apple and premiumcinnamon. Perfect for breakfast or part of a holiday buffet. Delicious as a loaf or as muffins.
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