Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Crock Pot Beef Stroganoff

This is for Crock Pot Slow Cooking Thursday,
hosted by Sandra at Family Corner...

Go check out the other recipes at her blog.. and Join in, if you like..

Stroganoff Ingredients:

2 pounds beef stew meat, cut into 1-inch pieces
1 large (1 cup) onion, chopped
2 teaspoons beef bouillon granules
1 teaspoon finely chopped fresh garlic
1/4 teaspoon Watkins Pepper
1 (10 3/4-ounce) can condensed cream of mushroom soup
1 (10 3/4-ounce) can condensed cream of chicken soup
2 (8-ounce) packages sliced mushrooms
1 (16-ounce) carton sour cream

Noodles Ingredients:
8 cups hot cooked egg noodles

Chopped fresh parsleyCombine all stroganoff ingredients except sour cream and noodles and parsley in slow cooker. Cover; cook on Low heat setting for 6 to 8 hours, or High heat setting for 4 to 5 hours or until beef is tender. Stir in sour cream just before serving. Serve over hot noodles; sprinkle with parsley.*Substitute 2 teaspoons beef bouillon granules.TIP: The au jus concentrate can be found in the condiment or savory sauces and marinades section of most large supermarkets. Sold in small plastic bottles, this dark-colored concentrated liquid is most often used to make the juicy sauce for French Dip sandwiches. It adds great “beefy” flavor!

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Betsy said...

Sounds tasty!

Crockpot Lady said...

Stephanie, this sounds wonderful---thank you!


~TAMY 3 Sides of Crazy~ said...

Sounds like the flavor of mine, but so much simpler. YUM!

Sandra said...

Love stroganoff

Crockstar said...

Sounds good! My stroganoff somehow ended up as more of a soup. I will have to use your recipe next time.


Michelle said...

We love beef stroganoff here!

The Apron Queen said...

Late making my rounds. Sounds delicious! Do stop by. I'll save you a plate of my Just Peachy Cobbler. :D

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