Sunday, March 2, 2008

Watkins Organic Coffee

Enjoy a terrific cup of coffee while making the world a better place! Only the finest Arabica coffee beans are purchased at fair prices from farmers who nurture their land and provide dignified working conditions for their employees. 100% of the profits go to support positive youth programs in North America and Central America.

Organic French Roast Authentic dark roast flavor that finishes on a sweet note

Organic Breakfast BlendSmooth and rich medium roast coffee spiked with French Roast. Organic Sumatra Famous for low acidity, with sweet, syrupy body, hints of molasses, cocoa,
Organic Swiss Gold Decaf Pure-genuine, fully developed flavor that finishes sweet and clean.

• Arabica beans: This species of coffee is much more rich and flavorful than the Robusta variety found in cheaper brands. Arabica beans mean premium coffee!

• Fair Trade/Equal Exchange: This seal means that farmers who grow these beans are given a fair price in exchange for their labor and providing a better quality of life in their community.

• Helping youth: All of Watkins corporate profits go to Rock Solid Youth, providing a solid foundation and positive programs for young people.

Help Watkins and Rock Solid Youth build a lasting future for youth…one cup at a time.

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