Monday, May 14, 2007

Gourmet Grilling Rubs:
Watkins new Beef (05614)
and Chicken (05617) Grill Rubs

It's Summer time and time for grilling. Watkins has the reason you will be grilling out for all of them: new Beef and Chicken Grilling Rubs.
These grilling rubs are made with premium spices and 100% Arabica coffee—yes coffee!
The coffee seals in the juices and even though you can't taste the coffee, it will add a deep, rich flavor to grilled meats. These phenomenal products are part of this season's Gift Line, but are definitely not just for gift giving.
You will be amazed at what little effort it takes to prepare a gourmet dinner.
Simply moisten meat with Watkins Grapeseed Oil, wine, or water before pressing on the rub.
Don't limit yourself to beef or chicken! Try Beef Rub on lamb or game;
try Chicken Rub on turkey or full-flavored fish. Lighter red meats or darker fowl, such as pork or duck will take well to either rub.

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