Monday, May 14, 2007

Johan Santana of the Minnesota Twins endorses Watkins Liniment

(from April 12, 2007)
Johan Santana of the Minnesota Twins and two time recipient of the Cy Young Award has been using Watkins Liniment for years to relieve muscle aches and pains brought on by his strenuous career as a professional baseball pitcher. We are proud to announce that Johan Santana is officially endorsing Watkins Liniment.

"I've never endorsed any products that I don't personally believe in and use myself. My endorsement of Watkins Liniment is no exception, and I am proud to be associated with and give my support to such a great historical company as Watkins", said Santana.

Santana has used Watkins Liniment since 2002 to help relieve pain and tightness for muscles, helping his baseball career. For years I tried several different forms of pain and tightness relief products with no success, said Santana. One day the Minnesota Twins trainer suggested I try applying Watkins Liniment and I was amazed that I got instant relief! Since that day, I have continued to use Watkins Liniment not only for my hamstring muscles but also for my arm and neck muscles and have recommended it to other athletes.

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